What Products Can You Sell Online?

The Internet is filled with opportunities for people to make money from.  One of the big things that people are looking to do is work with physical products.  The problem with this is that, in order to make money selling products, you need to purchase in bulk.  With these bulk purchases anything less than truckload shipping generally isn’t profitable.  However, here are some tips that you can use to make some extra money from your sales.


One thing that you can do is have accessories that compliment your products.  Accessories are small, lightweight, and can have a larger markup than standard products.  One good example of accessories that you can have is ink for printers. These are lightweight and easy to collect and have a great markup.  Typically, you can purchase a brand-new printer with ink for the same price as just the ink itself.

Handmade Products

The next thing that you can do is sell handmade products.  These handmade products are great, since you can charge more for the item. Since they are custom and made on demand, you can also collect the money upfront, thus preventing out of pocket costs.  When making handmade products, it all comes down to your creativity and time.

less than truckload shipping

Print on Demand

One avenue that most people don’t look at is the print on demand market.  This market is great, since these products have a higher markup.  Then, once ordered, you make them and can ship them at a lower cost point.

Knowing your Numbers

At the end of the day, it all comes down to knowing your numbers.  If you don’t know your numbers, where your profit lies, and what you are generating for expenses, then it will be difficult to run a business, make money, or achieve success.